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WE SOLD OUT… of everything we had in stock. Synek tapes were long gone, then Keep Sheila On Acid sold its last copy (but there’s one for sale on Discogs), and dsic cassettes flew off the shelf at record speed!
Our last cassettes were shipped yesterday, and we’re glad we were able to get everything shipped before the USPS increases the overseas shipping cost. We don’t like the price increase, but it’s a fact of life. In the coming weeks we are going to weigh our options and decide on how to handle distribution.
We’d like to thank all of you who have supported our label so far and we hope you continue to do so in the future. If you are just finding out about Rano and you’re bummed you missed out on the tapes, don’t worry because we’ll always keep our music available for digital download. In fact our 1st release is available for FREE download! We only ask that you provide an email address.
You will be added to our mailing list, but we’re not spam crazy! We only use to the email to give our fans the first word when a new release is on the horizon. All other news shall be conducted via this blog or our Twitter page, so we won’t ever clutter up your inbox.
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THE GEOGRAPHY TRIP – 2012 Albums of the Year

2012: a soundtrack of immutable quality.

I managed to blot out the sound of rooks
circling high above the substation and the distant
choral white noise of the ocean for a few minutes
to fall in love with these gems.

13. Carn by Kemper Norton
Slurtronica majus.

12. The Disintegration Loops Box Set by William Basinski
Cor aspiret.

11. Summer Special by Euros Childs
Aestete amor.

10. Shields by Grizzly Bear
Alienos cordam.

9. Abul Mogard by Abul Mogard
Capreolos industrialis.

8. Pardiba EP by Synek
Sonic potentia.

7. Red Night by TVO
Taenia taenia.

6. Ekstasis by Julia Holter
Crystallus delicata.

5. The Belbury Tales by Belbury Poly
Umbra cras.

4. Novaya Zemlya by Thomas Köner
Quietum glacies.

3. Clutch it Like A Gonk by Moon Wiring Club
Chorea Edwardiana.

2. Sleep Games by Pye Corner Audio
Pulverulenta tonis.

1.The Ghosts of Bush by Robin the Fog
Uada domus.

Ghosts of Bush is a stunningly immersive work that, brick by brick, built a sonic cathedral around my ears. Surfaces and textures evolve from disparate pieces into a living, breathing thing. The biological memory of a space, the fleshy interpretation of a sonic event, recorded and experienced. I’m struggling to describe how captivating it is, but Simon Reynolds has described this as the ‘ultimate Hauntological artefact’. Which is pretty much what I have been trying to say, but phrased in a more perceptive and astute manner, obviously.

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BIG THANKS to THE GEOGRAPHY TRIP for helping make our 2012 a success!

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Listen to what other’s are saying about SYNEK – Paradiba EP (Limited Edition Cassette)

Antònia Folguera
“The cassette is great, has a fantastic packaging (only thing I don’t like is that the Rano logo gets divided once you take the paper that holds everything together) I like Fathom very much, I’m especially a fan of the VLGRGRLZ remix. Rano should be really proud, this is an excellent minimalist dark ambient cassette! I’ll play it on the radio or add it to a mixtape soon!

Provided the sounds and looks of the Paradiba EP by Synekkkkk, the Rano brand looks very promising. The six tracks of Paradiba are minimalist and atmospheric and take the listener to an urbex promenade to post-communist eastern Europe abandoned spaces, through layers of drones and echoes here and there, that give a sense of spaciousness sometimes and others the lack of it, as if travelling through corridors of darkness. Paradiba takes advantage of the particular sound of the cassette format, there is never a moment of silence: the sound of the tape takes you from track to track. The DIY cardboard packaging is excellent and thoughtful, probably Rano will have to release a new edition soon!”

Best Available Technology
“Enjoying my copy. Fills a gap between the Eraserhead sound design (Alan Splet brilliance) and SunnO))) sonic moods”

“Synek tapessss look dope”

Haruko Hirukawa
“The sound combines the dark, solemn mood with an industrial atmosphere. It takes us to an expanding universe in our mind. Simply one of the best ambient EPs ever.”

Opal Tapes
“It’s a lovely item and in all honesty I haven’t opened it as I don’t want break the seal as such. I’ve burnt the digital to disc and play that and just stare at the exterior wondering what might lie inside.”

Sex Lies Magnetic Tape
“Been really enjoying the Paradiba e.p from Synek (Rano) recently, really deep and spacious with just the right amount of suspense and darkness to keep the listener engaged which is no mean feat over tracks of this length.
Fathom is a caustic and metallic plunge into the unknown whilst Paradiba throws layers of distortion and feedback onto a hissing, screaming fire of evilness, the VLGRGRLZ remix of Fathom takes this already massive soundscape and hammers it into something even more monolithic.
Packaging is first class too, a great release”

Spoonful Of Tar
“Get yourself some cold, minimal Polish noise. It’s all quite atmospheric and well thought out. There’s clattering and giant wooshes of scrawl but is still kind of ambient.
I quite like the label’s brief manifesto:-

Producing limited edition recordings of unique music from around the world. Our goal is to be sought after, not saturated. The items we create will never be mass-produced.
Good things come in small quantities!

Nice they’re doing it both ways. A short run (20) of well packaged, nicely done cassettes but also for FLAC download. Shows a confidence and belief in the sound. That they’ve actually put effort and thought into it. Y’know, not just something tossed out in ten minutes on Fag Tapes.”

“Setting the tone for a new tape label RANO, ‘Paradiba’ is a journey into abstract drones & digital static. While Ambient/Noise music is nothing new to us, Synek explores the sound with refreshing imagination. Perfect solitary headphone listening. Highly recommended. (I also enjoy the backwards flip) haha”

Ssalien Group
“Nice Drones, Keep it up”

The Outer Church
“Like taking a crawl through the long dark ventilation shaft of the soul.”

Although the tapes have sold out you can still download the album in digital format.


As you may know, last week we sold out of our limited edition cassette tape by Synek.  We are very pleased with the results of this first release and would like to thank the people from England, United States, Canada, Spain, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, and Poland who purchased our music. We hope you will continue to support RANO.

Last week was a pretty big week for us as far as sales went, and we landed ourselves in (what looks like) the #1 spot on the Best Selling Electronic Cassette list on Bandcamp.

We know it’s not a Grammy, but we’re still very proud to have our humble little label on a list of any kind within our first month of operation. We could not have done it without your support.

Although we’re sold out of tapes, we hope you’ll tell your friends about us. Let them know they can still download the entire tape in digital format. You can name your own price and make a donation or have the music for free, but you will need to provide an email address for the latter.

Thanks again from all of us at RANO. We hope to see you back for our next release.

Album Review

Album Review: SYNEK – Paradiba EP

Paradiba EP is a short and sweet preview of the foreboding world where SYNEK resides. Consisting of two original songs and one remix, it catapults us on a dark and menacing descent into blackness. The first track, “Fathom”, is a slightly disturbed symphony of industrial sounds saturated by metallic reverberations. They unceasingly bounce off each other until they crash into a point directly in the center of the tunnel we are falling through. The tunnel presumably leads to the center of the Earth but we have no way of knowing. It is simply constant darkness and a lifetime of plummeting.

“Paradiba” is a 13 minute minimalist measurement of atmospheric pressure that lifts us out of the tunnel into the light radiating from above and further. We continue to rise and gently float in space toward a set destination far beyond the galaxy’s horizon. Off in the distance sharp screeches of painful echoes can be heard, though they are not threatening. They still send a shiver down the spine as they inject a fearful strength into your nerves.

The third track is a remix of “Fathom” done very well, with layers of punchy noise strangling the dense clanking echoes into a beautiful and harrowing drone series. It captures the essence of a deranged descent into madness whilst creating a dreamy atmosphere that comforts the tortured mind.

This debut is an excellent starting point for such dark atmospheres. Hopefully we will see more from this artist very soon.

Rating: 4 stars
Standout Track: Paradiba

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