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Bang The Bore was kind enough to feature dsic – ‘Tiamat/Taniwha’ on their website. So we’re reBlogging it here. But first, here’s a little about Bang The Bore…
Bang the Bore is a loose collection of occasionally like-minded musicians. People come and go, are involved in some activities but not others or collaborate on one-off projects. The three who tend to stick around the most – along with being the janitors who maintain this site – are Seth Cooke (Bristol), Clive Henry (Southampton) and Kevin Nickells (Brighton).
Our activity is directed by intermittent inspiration, frustration and whim. We make a lot of new music available via the Artifacts, Forum and Releases sections of this site. Although we nominally run a webzine you may find more useful – and certainly more regularly updated – information in our Forum. And despite occasionally organising concerts we prefer arranging the kind of one-off themed events, musical happenings or special commissions we’ve been staging at Southampton’s John Hansard Gallery or Oxfordshire’s Supernormal Festival.Ideas, contributions and collaborations are welcome. Send us an email.
DSIC - Tiamat
Bringing to your attention this top release from the extraordinary – yet still extraordinarily underrated – dsic, out now on Rano. Well worth hearing even if you’re too late to order the beautifully packaged tape edition: “Limited Edition C64 Chrome Cassette Tape. Hand numbered of 25. Includes Full Color, 2 sided heavyweight j-card, one razor blade, housed in a clear & black plastic Norelco case. All orders come shipped in a banded, and gold stamped brown cardboard box.” Have a listen:

dsic – Tiamat/Taniwha (out now on Rano) :: Bang the Bore.