A Network of Inland Waterways


Devouring inland waterways like an airport pulp, they rummage through hedgerows and collect towpaths. Varicose maps and airborne contours push and pull their meaning.
Submarines slip beneath the tarmac; dreadnoughts on the green.

This week The Geography Trip shows Rano some love in more ways than one. First and foremost, they’ve put together another outstanding mix containing a tune from our second cassette. A Network of Inland Waterways mix features tracks by Keep Sheila On Acid, Concretism, Boards Of Canada, Super Furry Animals, Fortress Central Park and many more. As always, this Geography Trip mix is of the highest quality! Click the play button below and read on!

Secondly, Geography Rob has set up his very own Bandcamp Fan Page! Being that Rob is one of our top supporters this is great news for us. Now when you visit any release on our Bandcamp page, you’ll see another avatar beneath the album artwork. If you visit his page, you’ll be able to view all the items he’s purchased on Bandcamp. (At least the ones he’s willing to share with you) We think his personalized Fan Page is well executed! He has a nice selection of releases, a small wishlist of items, and he’s following several artists & many other fans. He’s truly engaged in the full potential of the Fan Page. So have a peak at Geography Rob’s Fan Page and enjoy this stellar mix by The Geography Trip



Bandcamp Fan Pages (reblog)

Love the Bandcamp Fans! This concept has brought many new people to our page who may have never found us otherwise. I encourage anyone who’s purchased music on bandcamp to set one up. Your page will be a positive force to support the music you love!

PS: Looks like this article quotes our pal @hatross from Spoonful of Tar music blog.

BEST SELLER (In Record Time)

Best Seller

We’re happy to announce our newest cassette, dsic – Tiamat/Taniwha, made it to the #1 spot on the best seller list in its 1st day of pre-sale. It continues to hold onto the rank as we roll through the week, with only 5 tapes remaining. We loving seeing Keep Shiela On Acid on the board, as we are now sold out of those tapes. We’d also like to note that we are sharing the “Best Of” list with our good friends at Further Records. I just love that V.Hold tape and can’t wait to get my hands on my copy.
Don’t worry… Even when these tapes sell out, we will always have the digital version available.


Today we release our second limited edition cassette by Keep Sheila On Acid, with bonus remixes by Synek and lettrist. We appreciate those of you who pre-ordered the cassette or digital album this week. Thanks to you, we’ve landed ourselves in the #1 spot (Again) on the Best Selling Electronic Cassette list on Bandcamp.  We hope you’ll continue to support our humble label. We wouldn’t be here without you.
1 Best Seller
We still have several cassette tapes in stock, but they are going fast. If you miss out on the cassette, you’ll always be able to purchase the music in digital format.

Thanks again from all of us at RANO. We hope to see you back for ran003… Coming Soon!


As you may know, last week we sold out of our limited edition cassette tape by Synek.  We are very pleased with the results of this first release and would like to thank the people from England, United States, Canada, Spain, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, and Poland who purchased our music. We hope you will continue to support RANO.

Last week was a pretty big week for us as far as sales went, and we landed ourselves in (what looks like) the #1 spot on the Best Selling Electronic Cassette list on Bandcamp.

We know it’s not a Grammy, but we’re still very proud to have our humble little label on a list of any kind within our first month of operation. We could not have done it without your support.

Although we’re sold out of tapes, we hope you’ll tell your friends about us. Let them know they can still download the entire tape in digital format. You can name your own price and make a donation or have the music for free, but you will need to provide an email address for the latter.

Thanks again from all of us at RANO. We hope to see you back for our next release.