Bandcamp Fan Pages (reblog)

Love the Bandcamp Fans! This concept has brought many new people to our page who may have never found us otherwise. I encourage anyone who’s purchased music on bandcamp to set one up. Your page will be a positive force to support the music you love!

PS: Looks like this article quotes our pal @hatross from Spoonful of Tar music blog.


BEST SELLER (In Record Time)

Best Seller

We’re happy to announce our newest cassette, dsic – Tiamat/Taniwha, made it to the #1 spot on the best seller list in its 1st day of pre-sale. It continues to hold onto the rank as we roll through the week, with only 5 tapes remaining. We loving seeing Keep Shiela On Acid on the board, as we are now sold out of those tapes. We’d also like to note that we are sharing the “Best Of” list with our good friends at Further Records. I just love that V.Hold tape and can’t wait to get my hands on my copy.
Don’t worry… Even when these tapes sell out, we will always have the digital version available.

dsic – Tiamat/Taniwha (a race to finish)

DSIC - Tiamat

We are working as fast as we can to bring you our next cassette from LF Records founding father, the legendary Bristolian noise producer known as dsic. We’ve recently discovered, as of January 27, 2013 the United States Postal Service is dramatically increasing its overseas shipping costs. We don’t like that! And we don’t think you do either, so we want to get these finished in time to ship them at the current rate. If everything goes according to our plan, we should be ready to deliver the goods late next week. Lets hope we don’t run into any delays, because time is of the essence. Recording of the tapes began yesterday and the test print will be ready tomorrow. If the test print looks good, we will have tapes and J-cards ready sometime early next week.

We need your help!!! Typically we’d spend some time getting in touch with bloggers, posting on forums, and trying to spread the word before a release. We don’t really have time to do that for this batch, so we’d appreciate if any of you would be willing to do some leg work for us.
Here’s a link to preview 5 of the 8 tracks from the tape: dsic – Tiamat​/​Taniwha
If you know anyone who supports or promotes Noise music, please share this with them and help us generate some buzz about dsic.

We love our fans and we’re working as hard as we can to save you some money. We are truly blessed to have your support and we hope you continue to support us as we navigate through these changes.

Thank You,


DSIC - cassette

Don’t Take Our Word For It… (ran002)

Listen to what other’s are saying about KEEP SHEILA ON ACID – You Will Be The Same Tomorrow As You Were Yesterday (Limited Edition Cassette)

Animal Psi
“The second release from the small experimental label Rano, Keep Sheila On Acid brings an eccentric complexity of audio syntax that drowns in the chaos of an electronic bloodbath.”

Bantam Lions
“Occasionally optimistic but largely overcast, this LP is not without invention and charm. Track 7, ‘We No Longer Follow The Sun’ I imagine could be the amplified and heavily processed sound of an alligators digestive system.”

Chloe Harris of Further Records
“All I can really say is I just love the depth in it. Sounds seem to creep in rather than start. The timing seems perfect. It’s subdued… it’s very good and I think it’s something that reminds me of being under water but looking up and seeing things out of the water. A sort of cool muffle I can’t explain.”

“Run dem tings Rano!”

Front & Follow
“A haunting and unnerving listen, a perfect accompliment to shuffling through the underpass in this bleak, foggy, freezing northern England winter. Really enjoying what you are doing with the label.”

Local Autonomy
“Keep Sheila on Acid’s new tape covered me in a blanket of noise and nostalgic loop explorations. I think the album is a wonderful success and is punctuated by the last original track ‘Dream Abstract’. The song takes the listener through the soundscape of the almost imperceptible sounds that lie just beneath the ‘silence’ of the night. Excited for the next Rano tape.”

Opal Tapes
“Another lovely thing for my eyes and ears. Thanks gang.”

People Eaters
“They look amazing… Sounds amazing too!”

Spoonful Of Tar
“The lovely little experimental tape label Rano has produced their second release. And they’re definitely dedicated to quality control because it’s taken them quite a while to get this new release out. Soundwise it’s well produced experimental electronic stuff. Dabbles next to ambient, noise and drone. Lots of broken machine type sounds and what might have once been cut up tape loops.”

The Geography Trip
“Tape bought. Chair placed next to letter box. Diary cleared. I can not flipping wait!”

We have several cassettes in stock (at the moment) and you’ll always be able to download the full album in digital format if you miss out on the tape.
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