RANO – The Outer Church Confessional

RANO - The Outer Church Confessional

About a week ago we made a special mix for our good friends at The Outer Church. We recently added it to our Mixcloud page so we could timestamp, and further support the artists that contributed music. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who shared their tunes with us. We tried very hard to include everyone and I think the finished product turned out great! We’d also like to thank Joseph Stannard for being such a gracious host and for all of the support he’s given to Rano since our inception. Feel free to listen to the mix right here or on our Mixcloud page, and visit The Outer Church for the Download and full commentary. Cheers!

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The Ephemeral Man – Principa Discordia (MIX)

Ephemeral Man - Discordia

Over the weekend The Ephemeral Man dropped a mix featuring two tracks by Keep Sheila On Acid. One track was released on Rano (still available in digital) and the other is currently available to purchase on cassette and digital from our good friends Auditory Field Theory. We thoroughly enjoyed this mix and thought you might enjoy it too.

Numbers Broadcast #31

Greetings friends! It’s been several weeks since we’ve had any news to report, but trust we are still operational since the USPS rate hike. We’re currently in a period where we have several artists finishing up albums. We hope to have more tapes for sale soon, but need to wait until the music is ready before we’ll have a tentative release schedule to share with the public.

Numbers Broadcast #31

In the meantime, have a listen to this lovely Numbers Broadcast from our friend Laica. Numbers Broadcast was originally hosted on Future Music and has been archived on Laica’s Mixcloud. This is the first broadcast of the new year and they decided to branch out a little and showcase some more ambient experimental dub styles. (And we’re glad they did!) The broadcast features tracks from our first and third tapes by Synek and dsic, as well as a tune from the brand new tape from Synek out now on Further Records. It’s a great mix overall, featuring tons of people we love and some new artists we’re just now discovering. The guest spot by London Modular Alliance is a real treat too! I’m not going to bore you with any more chatter, just go have yourself a listen!

LINKS from the show:

A Network of Inland Waterways


Devouring inland waterways like an airport pulp, they rummage through hedgerows and collect towpaths. Varicose maps and airborne contours push and pull their meaning.
Submarines slip beneath the tarmac; dreadnoughts on the green.

This week The Geography Trip shows Rano some love in more ways than one. First and foremost, they’ve put together another outstanding mix containing a tune from our second cassette. A Network of Inland Waterways mix features tracks by Keep Sheila On Acid, Concretism, Boards Of Canada, Super Furry Animals, Fortress Central Park and many more. As always, this Geography Trip mix is of the highest quality! Click the play button below and read on!

Secondly, Geography Rob has set up his very own Bandcamp Fan Page! Being that Rob is one of our top supporters this is great news for us. Now when you visit any release on our Bandcamp page, you’ll see another avatar beneath the album artwork. If you visit his page, you’ll be able to view all the items he’s purchased on Bandcamp. (At least the ones he’s willing to share with you) We think his personalized Fan Page is well executed! He has a nice selection of releases, a small wishlist of items, and he’s following several artists & many other fans. He’s truly engaged in the full potential of the Fan Page. So have a peak at Geography Rob’s Fan Page and enjoy this stellar mix by The Geography Trip


TABS OUT (Episode 18)

Tabs Out Banner

Last Sunday, the fine folks at Tabs Out tossed a track from our dsic – ‘Tiamat/Taniwha’ tape into their 18th episode. We’re happy they chose to talk a bit about Rano, and share a snippet of our latest release from the UK noise artist known as dsic.
But we do have to clear the air about a few things we heard on the show. One of which is the proper pronunciation of dsic. Now I must be honest, I too had been saying it wrong all this time, referring to the artist as “d-sick”. I’m pretty sure I picked that pronunciation up from a podcast in the UK that frequently plays dsic’s music in their show. My mistake! After listening to Episode 18, I asked dsic how to properly pronounce his name, and he told me its pronounced “disc”. We learn something new everyday don’t we?
Another error of pronunciation was our very own name, Rano. It is neither pronounced like Ray-No nor Ran-O, but more like Raw-No. An even better example would be to say the name of the sun-god “Ra” followed by the obvious “No” portion. 
Rano is Polish, and our name translates into English as morning. An early concept for our label name was Muzyka Rano, but we settled on the simplicity of Rano instead. We could get into all the details of our origin, but we don’t want to bore you with our story.
Instead, take some time to listen to this outstanding podcast by Tabs Out! They really do an amazing job and they showcase a diverse selection of music released only on tape cassette. You can tune into Episode 18 below, or download it (along with any episode) direct from the Tabs Out archive. We’d like to thank the gentlemen of Tabs Out for supporting Rano and cassette culture. Enjoy the show!

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