The Ephemeral Man – Principa Discordia (MIX)

Ephemeral Man - Discordia

Over the weekend The Ephemeral Man dropped a mix featuring two tracks by Keep Sheila On Acid. One track was released on Rano (still available in digital) and the other is currently available to purchase on cassette and digital from our good friends Auditory Field Theory. We thoroughly enjoyed this mix and thought you might enjoy it too.


Numbers Broadcast #31

Greetings friends! It’s been several weeks since we’ve had any news to report, but trust we are still operational since the USPS rate hike. We’re currently in a period where we have several artists finishing up albums. We hope to have more tapes for sale soon, but need to wait until the music is ready before we’ll have a tentative release schedule to share with the public.

Numbers Broadcast #31

In the meantime, have a listen to this lovely Numbers Broadcast from our friend Laica. Numbers Broadcast was originally hosted on Future Music and has been archived on Laica’s Mixcloud. This is the first broadcast of the new year and they decided to branch out a little and showcase some more ambient experimental dub styles. (And we’re glad they did!) The broadcast features tracks from our first and third tapes by Synek and dsic, as well as a tune from the brand new tape from Synek out now on Further Records. It’s a great mix overall, featuring tons of people we love and some new artists we’re just now discovering. The guest spot by London Modular Alliance is a real treat too! I’m not going to bore you with any more chatter, just go have yourself a listen!

LINKS from the show: