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HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at RANO!!!


Don’t Take Our Word For It… (ran002)

Listen to what other’s are saying about KEEP SHEILA ON ACID – You Will Be The Same Tomorrow As You Were Yesterday (Limited Edition Cassette)

Animal Psi
“The second release from the small experimental label Rano, Keep Sheila On Acid brings an eccentric complexity of audio syntax that drowns in the chaos of an electronic bloodbath.”

Bantam Lions
“Occasionally optimistic but largely overcast, this LP is not without invention and charm. Track 7, ‘We No Longer Follow The Sun’ I imagine could be the amplified and heavily processed sound of an alligators digestive system.”

Chloe Harris of Further Records
“All I can really say is I just love the depth in it. Sounds seem to creep in rather than start. The timing seems perfect. It’s subdued… it’s very good and I think it’s something that reminds me of being under water but looking up and seeing things out of the water. A sort of cool muffle I can’t explain.”

“Run dem tings Rano!”

Front & Follow
“A haunting and unnerving listen, a perfect accompliment to shuffling through the underpass in this bleak, foggy, freezing northern England winter. Really enjoying what you are doing with the label.”

Local Autonomy
“Keep Sheila on Acid’s new tape covered me in a blanket of noise and nostalgic loop explorations. I think the album is a wonderful success and is punctuated by the last original track ‘Dream Abstract’. The song takes the listener through the soundscape of the almost imperceptible sounds that lie just beneath the ‘silence’ of the night. Excited for the next Rano tape.”

Opal Tapes
“Another lovely thing for my eyes and ears. Thanks gang.”

People Eaters
“They look amazing… Sounds amazing too!”

Spoonful Of Tar
“The lovely little experimental tape label Rano has produced their second release. And they’re definitely dedicated to quality control because it’s taken them quite a while to get this new release out. Soundwise it’s well produced experimental electronic stuff. Dabbles next to ambient, noise and drone. Lots of broken machine type sounds and what might have once been cut up tape loops.”

The Geography Trip
“Tape bought. Chair placed next to letter box. Diary cleared. I can not flipping wait!”

We have several cassettes in stock (at the moment) and you’ll always be able to download the full album in digital format if you miss out on the tape.
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THE OUTER CHURCH – Best Loved Releases of 2012

2012 has been an astonishing year for music. Here are some of releases we’ve loved at The Outer Church, in no particular order:

Production Unit – There Are No Shortcuts In A Grid System (Broken20)
Alexander Tucker – Third Mouth (Thrill Jockey)
Pye Corner Audio – Sleep Games (Ghost Box)
Oren Ambarchi – Sagittarian Domain (Editions Mego)
Black Bananas – Rad Times Express IV (Drag City)
Panabrite – Soft Terminal (Digitalis)
Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music (Williams Street)
Bear Bones, Lay Low – El Telonero (Kraak)
Slomo – The Grain (Trilithon)
Scott Walker – Bish Bosch (4AD)
Lost Trail – A Stained August For The Jetcrash (Sunup Recordings)
Raime – Quarter Turns Over A Living Line (Blackest Ever Black)
Hacker Farm – UHF (Exotic Pylon Records)
Blawan – His He She & She (Hinge Finger)
Stratus – As The Crow Flies (Tummy Touch)
Innercity – Bloodcake (Amnesia Agency)
Penalune – Not All Clouds Are White (Broken20)
Synek – Paradiba EP (Rano)
EL-P – Cancer 4 Cure (Fat Possum)
Kemper Norton – Rough Music: Collision/Detection v6 (Front & Follow)
KTL – V (Editions Mego)
Lindstrom – Smalhans (Feedelity)
Vindicatrix – Mengamuk (Mordant Music)
Kemper Norton – Carn 1 (Self-Released)
Time Attendant – Tournaments (Exotic Pylon)
Van Halen – A Different Kind Of Truth (Interscope)
Anna Meredith – Black Prince Fury (Moshi Moshi)
Panabrite – The Baroque Atrium (Preservation)
eMMplekz – IZOD Days (Mordant Music)
Áine O’Dwyer – Music for Church Cleaners (Fort Evil Fruit)
Black Mountain Transmitter – Playing With Dead Things (Auris Apothecary)
Geoff Barrow & Pete Salisbury – DROKK (Invada)
Young Smoke – Space Zone (Planet Mu)
Kiran Leonard – Bowler Hat Soup (Self-Released)
oh/ex/oh – Extant (The Geography Trip)
Fairhorns – Doki Doki Run (Invada)
Mirrorring – Foreign Body (Kranky)
TVO – Red Night (Broken20) Air Le Voyage Dans La Lune (Virgin)
Hong Kong In The 60s – Collision/Detection v4 (Front & Follow)
Jessica Bailiff – At The DownTurned Jagged Rim Of The Sky (Kranky)
Steve Moore – Light Echoes (Cuneiform)
Robert Hood – Motor: Nighttime World 3 (Music Man)
Old Apparatus – Derren/Realise/Alfur/Harem (Sullen Tone)
Devin Townsend Project – Epicloud (Inside Out)
Minack – Downed (Self-Released)
Nick Mott – The Visitors (alt.vinyl)
Mothlite – Dark Age (Kscope)
Beru – Fire Eyes Gather Souls (Digitalis)
Hexvessel – No Holier Temple (Svart)
Emptyset – Medium (Subtext)
Now Wakes The Sea – Hot Cygnet Tape (The Geography Trip)
Robin The Fog – The Ghosts Of Bush (The Fog Signals)
OGRE – 184 (Self-Released)
Jon Brooks – Shapwick (Clay Pipe Music)
Ship Canal – Please Let Me Back Into Your House (19F3)
Silver Pyre – AeXE (Sedgemoor Recordings)
10-20 – Magnet Marsh (Broken60)
Soft Mirage – Ionian Dream (Kinnta)
The Haxan Cloak – The Men Parted The Sea To Devour The Water (Southern Latitudes
Bass Clef – Reeling Skullways (Punch Drunk)
Wizards Tell Lies – The Failed Silence (First Fold)
Abul Mogard – Abul Mogard (VCO Recordings)
Erstlaub – Marconi’s Shipwreck (Broken20)
Patti Smith – Banga (Columbia)
The Beach Boys – That’s Why God Made The Radio (Capitol)
Ombre – Believe You Me (Asthmatic Kitty)
Rush – Clockwork Angels (Anthem/Roadrunner)
Sone Institute – A Model Life (Front & Follow)
Umberto – The Night Has A Thousand Screams (Rock Action)
Imbogodom – And They Turned Not When They Went (Thrill Jockey)
Them Use Them – The Muse The Mountain (First Fold)
Oren – Ambarchi Audience Of One (Touch)
Majeure – Solar Maximum (Temporary Residence)
Emptyset – Collapsed (Raster Noton)
Lindstrom – Six Cups Of Rebel (Smalltown Supersound)

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HUGE THANK YOU to THE OUTER CHURCH for helping make our 2012 great!