THE GEOGRAPHY TRIP – 2012 Albums of the Year

2012: a soundtrack of immutable quality.

I managed to blot out the sound of rooks
circling high above the substation and the distant
choral white noise of the ocean for a few minutes
to fall in love with these gems.

13. Carn by Kemper Norton
Slurtronica majus.

12. The Disintegration Loops Box Set by William Basinski
Cor aspiret.

11. Summer Special by Euros Childs
Aestete amor.

10. Shields by Grizzly Bear
Alienos cordam.

9. Abul Mogard by Abul Mogard
Capreolos industrialis.

8. Pardiba EP by Synek
Sonic potentia.

7. Red Night by TVO
Taenia taenia.

6. Ekstasis by Julia Holter
Crystallus delicata.

5. The Belbury Tales by Belbury Poly
Umbra cras.

4. Novaya Zemlya by Thomas Köner
Quietum glacies.

3. Clutch it Like A Gonk by Moon Wiring Club
Chorea Edwardiana.

2. Sleep Games by Pye Corner Audio
Pulverulenta tonis.

1.The Ghosts of Bush by Robin the Fog
Uada domus.

Ghosts of Bush is a stunningly immersive work that, brick by brick, built a sonic cathedral around my ears. Surfaces and textures evolve from disparate pieces into a living, breathing thing. The biological memory of a space, the fleshy interpretation of a sonic event, recorded and experienced. I’m struggling to describe how captivating it is, but Simon Reynolds has described this as the ‘ultimate Hauntological artefact’. Which is pretty much what I have been trying to say, but phrased in a more perceptive and astute manner, obviously.

(Re- Blogged from: GeographyTripping)
BIG THANKS to THE GEOGRAPHY TRIP for helping make our 2012 a success!


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